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Auto Service Insurance

Auto repair businesses need to have reliable and affordable insurance in place for the unique risks and potentially dangerous situations they face. If you own an auto repair shop in the Chicago area, you know that your services cater to a wide variety of cars and people. Just as unique as your customers’ needs are … More

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Bar Insurance

Are you the owner of a small local tavern or a larger-scale night club and bar in Illinois? For years, you have dedicated yourself toward your business’ success—from crafting the interior atmosphere to planning a great tasting menu. But have you ever thought about the risks you face on a regular basis? At , we … More

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Builders Risk Insurance

There is a window of time – when the ground is broken on a new construction project – when liability falls squarely on the shoulders of the general contractor. If a crane falls, a worker is injured, or the work is faulty, it’s the responsibility of the GC to provide compensation. The good news is … More

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Classic Car / Antique Auto Insurance

Classic Car Insurance A classic car is not an antique car. Though this may be a tad confusing to people who aren’t automotive aficionados, it’s important to note, especially if you’re looking for an affordable insurance policy. What’s the fundamental difference? How often you drive it. A classic car enjoys its fair share of road … More

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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance could well be one of the most important coverages you buy when it comes to protecting the future of your business. But to fully enjoy its benefits, you have to understand the parameters of the coverage. How does this differ from other business insurance solutions? Commercial property insurance is designed to protect: … More

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Many states require individuals to purchase vehicle insurance to protect their cars. Car insurance is mandated for good reason- if you get into an accident, you and the other driver involved will be thankful you have coverage. If you are a business owner whose company has a fleet of vehicles, the same auto insurance needs … More

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Condo Insurance

Need an insurance quote for your condo or townhouse? You’ve come to the right place. If you own a townhouse or condo, you have different insurance needs than the typical homeowner. Typically, condominium owners do not own the structure they live in. If shared areas need upkeep and maintenance, your association will typically handle the … More

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Contractors Insurance

Contractors tend to be firm believers in Murphy’s Law: if something can go wrong on a job site, chances are, it will. As a general contractor (GC), you are responsible for everything that happens on the job site – from start to finish. If a wall collapses or someone on your crew – or any … More

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Data Breach Insurance

With the proliferation of data breaches we now offer new data loss insurance programs aimed at businesses that might be put at financial risk if they lose valuable and sensitive data. The new coverage can be purchased as a stand alone product or as an add-on to your existing business owner policy. It covers legal … More

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