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Illinois Bonds

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Commonly utilized by professionals throughout Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois – bonds such as municipal bonds, bid bonds and performance bonds are used to establish guarantees.

Surety bonds – also known as performance bonds – are distinct due to the fact that they help to encourage business, support economic development and protect consumers, taxpayers and businesses in a variety of ways. Most commonly, performance bonds are known for:

  • Assuring the completion of a variety of construction projects; i.e. schools, roads, office buildings, hospitals, etc.
  • Facilitating compliance with state laws and regulations
  • Protecting against breach of fiduciary, or government-backed, responsibilities
  • Guaranteeing the payment of contractors

In regards to this level of coverage, there are thousands of classes of Illinois bonds available. For example, contractors often require a particular class of surety bonds called “Performance and Payment” bonds. Typically, the common element to all surety bonds is that a bond is a financial or performance guarantee.

Illinois bonds are critical to protecting your business and safeguarding your livelihood – and our bonding experts can provide the following:

  • Bid/Performance and Payment Bonds
  • Licensee Bonds
  • Court and Fiduciary Bonds
  • Public Officials Bonds
  • And more…

As your premier independent insurance agency we have access to major bonding companies giving us the opportunity to secure a convenient, confidential Indiana, Wisconsin, or Illinois bond at a highly-competitive rate.

Interested in learning more? Contact Zeiler Insurance Services today and speak with one of our trusted agents. We can help you obtain the security you’ve been looking for.

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