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Illinois Workers Compensation coverage

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Workers Compensation in Illinois

Your employees are your most important business assets. When they can’t work, worker's compensation coverage helps them get better faster so they can continue helping your business grow and thrive. Zeiler Insurance Services Inc works with businesses throughout the Chicago, IL area to provide worker's compensation coverage that fulfills state law while ensuring that your workers get the treatment that they deserve.

Illinois Worker's Compensation: What You Need to Know

The state of Illinois requires most employers to maintain an active worker's compensation policy. These policies are designed to provide payments that help employees recover from work-related injuries. After acceptance from your insurance carrier, payments are made directly to the affected employee.

Funds can be used for living expenses, medical treatment, and other regular expenses while the employee is recovering from injury. Payouts are calculated as a percentage of the employee's regular paychecks. The final amount received is based on the severity of the injuries and the estimated length of recuperation.

Injuries may be deemed permanent or temporary. A permanent injury means your employees will never regain the ability to perform their previous job duties. In those cases, employees may receive compensation for the rest of their lives or until they are placed in a new line of business.

It is important to note that worker's compensation funds are not designed to pay for the employee's medical bills. These costs should continue to be covered by the employee's healthcare insurance. However, employees can use their worker's compensation funds to pay for premiums, copayments, and other healthcare-related costs that are typically the responsibility of the patient.

How Worker's Compensation Benefits Your Illinois Business

In many industries, good employees are difficult to find. Your worker's compensation coverage helps you retain your best workers. Supplying them with a steady income during their recovery period makes it more likely that they'll regain their health and return to work.

Offering additional disability coverage as an involuntary benefit is another way to keep your employees happy. Optional disability coverage provides extra funds to workers who qualify for a claim. This can be a big perk for those in industries like the construction trades.

Talk to the agents at Zeiler Insurance Services Inc to learn more about worker's compensation and optional disability coverage for your Chicago, IL area business.


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